A small website about my recovery from chronic fatigue syndrome.


Hi, welcome to my website. The aim of my website is to help my friends and family understand what I have been through, and to raise awareness of some lesser known problems that probably effect a great many people. Through my period of illness I was forced to learn a great deal about healthcare and really what drives it. This website chronicles this learning journey I have been through, and the information I had to learn to figure out what was wrong with me. Many of the things I cover are simply not addressed or accepted by mainstream healthcare, which means instead of taking everything I say at face value you should research for yourself and make your own conclusions. The focus on this website is really dentistry, because that is where most of my problems were.

In dentistry almost every procedure has the potential for devastating harm to the patient, even simple procedures such as extractions. The dental organisations around the world have created systems that maximises profit whilst totally removing health from the equation. For example dentists routinely use metals in patients mouths without ever checking whether they have an allergy to that material. The end result is a lot of people are suffering, and rarely do they trace the problems back to the source. Dentists know nothing about health, and doctors know nothing about the mouth. So this the mouth is this perfect catch 22 area where even the most serious of problems get overlooked.

Many people with chronic fatigue syndrome seem to be stable for many years, even decades. In my own case, I wasn't stable at all, my condition was rapidly deteriorating. My body was simply just breaking down. Thankfully I was strong enough, and had enough help from my family to complete this journey. The information that I learnt seems to be practally unknown on the internet. So I thought instead of just sitting on it, I'd try to bring this information to the public.