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In 1931 Otto Heinrich Warburg, a German physiologist won a nobel prize for his discovery of nature and mode of action of the respiratory enzyme. He discovered that cancer cells, unlike normal healthy cells are anaerobic, not requiring oxygen to produce energy. Instead they derive their energy by fermentation of sugar and produce lactic acid as a waste product. The more acidic the environment, the more oxygen is driven out of hemoglobin, further pushing the cells into an anaerobic environment. In dentistry most of the bacteria that cause problems with regards to gum disease, root canals and cavitations are all anaerobic. Some of these infections are often so acidic the pH prevents anaesthetic from working, meaning it is not possible to numb the affected area. If you have an area of your mouth that does not respond to local anaesthetic, you know the problem is serious.

Interestingly your own immune system is capable of destroying cancer. It is wise to support the immune system as much as possible so it can do it's job. That means removing dental toxins and infections. Sadly mainstream cancer treatments are extremely damaging to the immune system as well as the entire body. Here is a video from Cambridge university showing a Killer T Cell, destroying a cancer cell.

Dental Cancer Link

The first time I heard of a link between cancer and dental infections was on a radio interview with Fred Hughes, author of Am I Dead? or do I just feel like it. He discovered in his clinic that when a woman has breast cancer in say, her left breast, in almost every case she had a dental infection on that same side. The dentist that treated me, in his own book he published similar findings. But he found not only correlation between side of the mouth and breast cancer, but also brain cancer. This is not to say, dental infections are a definite cause, but the statistical similarity between the side of the mouth and where it occurs in the body should be a cause for concern. Here are a few pages from the book Toxic Dentistry Exposed:

Reversing Cancer

Dr. Mike Godfrey, a New Zealand physician, talks about how he was able to reverse Breast Cancer in one of his staff members with biological dental care and medical intervention.

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